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DIY Wedding Favours and Homemade Wedding Favours

If you are planning to get married in the near future, you will quite soon be thinking of the theme and colours of your wedding reception layout. This tends usually to match or blend with the style and colours of the bridesmaids dresses, the wedding dress, the bride's favourite colour, or even the setting in which the wedding reception takes place.

The last sounds odd, but, for instance, if your wedding is held in a bright colourful flower garden, you might even go for multi colour wedding reception table settings. Or you may be having your reception in a dramatic black and silver banqueting hall where you would like to continue the black and silver motif.

Once you have decided on the colours, you choose the style. You have the widest possible range of styles available, from soft and serene glass, flowers, laces and fabrics, to funky and funny pottery, tin cans, old bottles and toys, to dramatic and dangerous Gothic wrought iron, ancient weapons or weird artifacts. Besides these are a whole range of really beautiful ethnic ideas from such places as the Orient, Africa, Australia and New Zealand or the Hawaiian Islands.

You may like to continue a family tradition and go back to your roots. You could research ancient Scottish, Welsh, English or Irish marriage rites and traditions. Any one of these could give you imagination free rein in dress, music and food and drink.

You next step is to visualize your table settings. A lot depends on the food to be served. You may require a full setting of silver and glass, or perhaps chop sticks, porcelain bowls and spoons, or even just finger bowls and serviettes if you plan to have a totally informal barbecue on the beach! Once the eating and drinking utensils are decided upon, and the flowers and/or other decorations organized, you will come to the wedding favours.

You will find hundreds of ideas online for wedding favours. However, if you are wanting a really unique wedding favour idea, you may have to make it yourself. You should still spend a little time to go online to get ideas. For home made wedding favours you should be able to get advice, and all the materials you need as well, from a good online wedding favours supply shop.

Sometimes all it takes is just a slight variation of a good idea to make your wedding favours simply unique. For instance, take something as simple as a sachet bag. If you have basic sachet bags in your choice of colours, the type of tie or fastener you use could make it different to anything anyone else has used for their wedding favours.

Containers for wedding favours need not necessarily be sachets or fabric bags. Boxes, baskets, glassware, porcelain or pottery, all have loads of possibilities. Even, for simplicity, you may like a small gift or sweet attached to a flower or bow, without any container at all.

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