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Dress Up Dolls – A Dream For Little Girls

As a rule, dress up games are designed for little girls but there are games that can be fun for boys as well. The gist of these dress up dolls games is to decide on the outfit of a doll. And even if it sounds as an easy job, it isn't, as there are so many outfits to choose from. The dress up games have themes, and the doll should be dressed up for different occasions: for a date, an evening ball, for school, for sleep, for a trip in the mountains, for the beach etc. The settings are diverse and the clothes are numerous. So, while playing with these dolls, the girls will develop their style, their sense of fashion and taste in clothes.

The trendiest doll dress up games feature a specific character, which may be girls, boys, cartoons, anime, celebrities, dolls and toys, fantasy, makeovers, fashion, toddlers and babies, real people, teddies, historical characters and the list can continue. This means that the girls can also learn amazing things about the world while playing these games, so they are educational.

For example, the Doll Maker series of games are very popular among the little players. This game implies designing a doll from beginning to the end, meaning that the player will decide the eyes- their shape, color, the mouth, the hair style, the color of the hair, the jewelry, the clothes, the accessories and the d├ęcor as well. The make up is also decided by the girl who is playing and this make up is very minute: from eye liner to mascara and eye shades, so the girls can learn a lot about the art of make up from the Doll maker online dress up game.

The Happy series of dress up games is also a great way to spend some time. This game focuses on how to design the perfect look for a doll. Just as the Doll Maker, the Happy series let the player choose the hair style; make up, clothes and accessories for a doll.

There are some dress up games that include sounds and they are made very attractive for the little girls that are looking for some good time online while dressing up a character.

So, if you want your kids to have some fun and expand their imagination, try new things and learn about clothes, fashion and make up, these online dress up games are excellent. Moreover, games such as the Happy series or Doll Maker are available for free and will entertain the little ones and who knows maybe they will appeal to you as a parent as well.

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