The holidays season just got started and it will be tough to make ends meet for all gifts.
December is simply the hardest month of the year to make your money last.

But do not worry, you are invited to a wedding, you do not really want to go to and you certainly do not want to waste a lot of money.
Then we have five tips to you on wedding gifts that cost less than $ 15.

Be cheap, but don’t go empty handed and make your money last with these 10 cheap wedding gifts.


1. iPad/Tablet & Laptop Holder

iPad/Tablet & Laptop Holder

This holder from TeckNet is suitable for holding iPad and other laptop computer within 10-15inch which can stand max 5.5kg and has height-adjustable stand with simply press button which can raise the screen to an ergonomic viewing height easily.

Trendy design with light material which is easy for carry around.
Perfect for the tech nerdy couple !

$9.77 at Amazon


2. Mr & Mrs Photo Frame

Mr & Mrs Photo Frame

A freestanding heart shaped frame with silver color. It’s cute, it’s silver colored and it’s cheap.

What else do you need?

$9.77 at Amazon






3.Keepsake Gift Ornament

Keepsake Gift Ornament

Keepsake Gift Ornament from Crystocraft with plated chrome.
The ring has a plaque with the words ‘Wedding Day’ and two entwined love hearts which have two Strass Swarovski Crystals within.
Stylish enough to be a collectible.


$14.70 at Amazon



4. Silver Heart Trinket Box

Laser Engraved Personalised Silver Heart Trinket Box

Silver Heart Trinket Box

Laser Engraved and hearth shaped trinket box with fabric lined.
Presented with a luxury black velvet pouch.
Can be laser engraved with any message of your choice containing 4 lines with 20 letters on each line.

$13 at Amazon




5. Bride & Groom Survival Kit

Bride & Groom Survival Kit

This one is for all the goof balls out there and is an ideal gift to give away if you want a funny twist to your present.
Contains 17 different items which include:

  • Stick of Gum – To Help The Couple Stick Together
  • Candle – So Their Future Is Always Bright
  • Toothpick – To Help Them Pick Out The Best In Each Other etc

$13 at Amazon




As you can see, we have chosen five different gifts that cost under $ 15 and proved that it is indeed possible to buy fun and great gifts on a small budget.
Do you need a cheap gift, so do not forget to look on Amazon and don’t forget to comment on what you think about our suggestions and if you have tips for great but cheap presents don’t forget to tell us.
Use the comment form below.


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