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The Origin of Wedding Dresses

In 1840, when the British Queen Victoria (1819-1901) got married, she wore a beautiful white dress, trailing for 18 feet and a white veil which were made of Chinese satin. Her head-to-toe pure white draw all public attention the moment she appeared. Before Queen Victoria's wedding, all British royal families' brides dressed traditionally. Usually, they wore a crown decorated with jewels and an evening dress covered by a fur coat. Victoria's groundbreaking dressing style quickly became a fashion which widely spread across western world. Gradually, on western weddings, wearing white wedding dresses became a tradition practice.

There is another saying that wedding dress stemmed from a love story. In the 16th century, Richard Earl who was fond of hunting led the royal nobles to the Northern Ireland town Fairy Tale Town to hunt where he came across Miss Rose who was washing clothes by the river. They fell in love with each other the first time their eyes met.

When Richard Earl went back, he proposed marriage to Rose regardless of the opposition of the royal nobles. In order to make Richard Earl give up his decision, the Irish Royal assigned Miss Rose an almost impossible task—- sewing a white robe within one night's time which must reach the length from the Royal Irish church's witnesses table to the church door.

Faced with such a demanding, instead of showing weakness, Rose gathered the whole town sewn out a sixteen meters long white robe before dawn which was an extremely simple design but didn't lose royal gorgeous temperament. When the white robe was presented in front of the royal nobles, all the people were deeply moved and impressed by the wisdom and perseverance of Miss Rose. Finally, Miss Rose and Richard Earl held a sacred fairy-tale wedding ceremony.

And a few months later, Mrs. Rose set up a wedding dress design company, making white robe for lovers. Today, Rose. Madam has become a well-known royal wedding dress brand. Among the royal family, Rose was the first member to create her own brand with her own efforts.

This is the origin of wedding dresses. Now, the white wedding dress plays the most important part in wedding culture. In most countries, besides retaining their own traditional dress of their own nation, more and more couples tend to choose white wedding dresses. In the West, the brides will carefully preserve their wedding dresses and pass on to later generations so that the holy dresses become a beautiful collection and a heritage of love.

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Cheap Wedding Dresses in Ireland