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Wedding Reception Table Centerpieces

Creating stunning centerpieces for your wedding tables need not cost you the earth. Most people design their own centerpieces to create both a unique piece and to keep costs low.

Remembering points like the height of each centerpiece can avoid problems that may arise from your guests being unable to chat with each other across the tables.

Layout a budget of how much you want to spend on each table and then calculate the total using your table plan.

The following simple ideas can be used to create centerpieces from elegant and simple, to bold and dramatic.


Candles can create a beautiful ambience and stunning centerpiece to any table. They can be used grouped together or as single items to get a dramatic effect. Candles can be purchased in many colors and designs, which make them ideal for complimenting wedding schemes.

A great idea to keep wedding costs low is to purchase plain church candles and decorate these using ribbon and other inexpensive craft materials.

Another idea is to use similar candles, draw designs on them with a craft glue pen and then dip the candle into colored sand of your choice. This can create a beautiful embossed look.

Glass Vases.

By using glass vases with a single colored flower of your choice filled with dyed water you can achieve a simple but elegant result. A great idea for christmas weddings, glass vases can simply be filled with different colored seasonal baubles to create a winter theme.

Fresh Flowers.

Fresh flower arrangements for tables can be ordered with your own wedding bouquet from your local florists. This can be costly but will ease the burden of your stressful wedding plans. The only alternative would be to arrange your own flowers which could become a nightmare if you are not experienced. Arrangements designed in a wreath style, look amazing with a church candle placed inside. Fresh flowers on tables also give a beautiful aroma to compliment any wedding.

Whatever your choices make sure not to go overboard into tackiness. A rule of thumb when designing your perfect wedding centerpiece is to keep it elegant and simple.

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