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Make Up Games, Dress Up Games and Barbie – Fun For All Ages

Barbie has been around since the late 1950's and was an immediate success loved by people of all ages. The company that created Barbie, Mattel, now offers a wide variety of clothing choices, accessory choices and things like jewelry and shoes for the Barbie dolls. There are also new dolls like the male doll, Ken, and the teen doll, Skipper. You can find Barbie playhouses, play kitchens with a Barbie theme and even decorations and furniture with a Barbie theme.

Barbie has gone from being just a doll to being an online phenomenon as well. There are many online Barbie games that let you play dress up with Barbie. People of all ages enjoy these games. You can get Barbie dolled up in fancy clothes for a wedding or prom or in work clothes for her nursing shift or for a casual date with Ken.

You can even use cultural clothing from other places around the world to create interesting and unique looks for Barbie. You can change the hair on Barbie in some of the games. This is a way to learn about the styles and cultures around the world while having fun.

Online Barbie games are not limited to make up and dress up games. You can play more complex games where you and Barbie try to solve a mystery with other Barbie characters in a variety of different situations from underwater adventures with sea creatures of all kinds to tropical beach adventures. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to Barbie games.

The games where you dress up Barbie and change her hair and make up still remain the favorites among younger girls who find it fun to experiment with fashion and play pretend on the computer by making up stories to go with the outfits the pick for Barbie. They can pretend to be grown up like their parents while playing these games. For adults it is more about challenging your mind to come up with the best outfits and it is also a fun way to relax and a good stress relief activity.

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Wedding Games for Girls

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